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A Beginners Canoe Paddle Guide Part 1

Choosing a canoe paddle might not seem like a big deal because one paddle propels the canoe as well as the other, right? Actually that statement isn’t accurate as there are distinct differences in canoe paddle designs and they all … Continue reading

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Wilderness Canoeing with Dogs

I’m thinking about getting a dog to accompany me on some of my canoe trips. I got the idea by watching various videos of paddler and canine, and it just seems having a good dog along would be a perfect fit.  Have a look at Maddy the Goose canoe trip … Continue reading

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What’s to Like About Wilderness Canoeing – Alex Horner Boundary Waters Video

Reasons I love wilderness canoeing are the beautiful scenery, isolation, serenity, extreme nature and wildlife, but I know I’m not making my point.  Try to explain to somebody why you love wilderness canoeing and you will likely not do it justice, so … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is one of the few hobbies I’ve stuck with longer than a few years and one of the things I enjoy most in my life. My first canoe camping trip was in the summer of 1987, on a small creek … Continue reading

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How to make a good walking stick.

Now that the canoeing & camping season is nearly over for me I have time for other things like making my own walking stick. Watch the video and find out how easy it is to make a walking stick.

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Canoe Camping Adirondacks Trip – Part 4 Trip Photos

Enjoy some images of our four day Adirondack St. Regis canoe camping trip in September 2009. All I can say is paddling and camping on Fish Pond and St Regis Pond is a great outdoor experience, as you will notice in the … Continue reading

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Canoe Camping Adirondacks Trip – Part 3 Lessons Learned

Read part 2 of this canoe trip report. Wilderness canoeing is not as simple as you might think. Just as a hiker needs to be fully prepared before heading to the trail, a canoeist needs to be prepared with the proper gear and … Continue reading

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Canoe Camping Adirondacks Trip Report September 2009 – Part 2

View larger map  This canoe trip report is continued from part 1.     The Third Day Just as most of our first day was about getting to Fish Pond most of our third day was about making our way back to Saint Regis Pond … Continue reading

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