Becky Mason does the Sculling Draw Stroke

The sculling draw stroke is well known in the¬†kayaking community¬†but for some reason not as many canoeists practice the stroke, or even know it exists. But the sculling draw stroke is one of my favorite paddling strokes because it’s a lot of fun to try to master and allows greater turning and handling of the canoe once you begin to master it. I’ve spent hours at the lake trying to craft this stroke into something that I can actually use but I can only get it right after several attempts, it doesn’t come natural to me. It’s a great stroke that effectively propels your canoe or kayak sideways, but it’s a sensitive stroke that requires nearly perfect paddle placement while carving an elongated figure eight paddle movement parallel to the canoe gunwale while switching the power face of the blade from bow to stern.

Watch Becky Mason make this stroke look so easy.

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