Freeze Dried Survival Food Options Perfect for Camping and Backpacking

Dehydrated Foods for Backpacking and campingBuilding a freeze dried survival food supply is a smart idea for people living in areas that are exposed to natural disasters such as hurricane, tornado and flooding. Often after a natural disaster it can be weeks or even months before efforts even begin to restore utilities, and in some cases precious supplies like clean water supplies may take months or years to clear up. During this time it’s important your family has a supply of food and water for self reliant survival. But freeze dried food isn’t just for emergency survival situations. It’s works very well for camping and backpacking meals too.

For the best selection and prices on bulk freeze dried food consider making your purchase from Wise Foods.

Freeze Dried Food for Camping and Backpacking

One of the most convenient ways to start your freeze dried survival food supply is byFreeze Dried Food for Camping and Backpacking purchasing freeze dried food in bulk. Not only is it easy and cost effective but it’s also easy to store, lasting up to seven years on average. But freeze dried food isn’t just for emergency survival situations. It’s also perfect for camping and backpacking trips because it is compact, lightweight, easy to prepare, and most meals are packed with energy to help keep you going on the trail.

Wise Foods is an industry leading provider of  freeze dried meals. Their freeze dried camping and backpacking meals come in individual 10 ounce servings. These meals are jumbo sized so you don’t have to worry about cooking up a second meal to satisfy your appetite like with those 4 ounce meals. And they are easy to prepare just by adding hot water and waiting for several minutes. Each 12 ounce meal provides about 900 calories. 

Also at Wise Foods you can purchase you bulk food in larger storage containers like the 56 Serving Breakfast and Entree option that will feed several campers or backpackers for a longer duration, or you can purchase the meals by the individual packet if you are only an occasional tripper. But what I like about purchasing the freeze dried meals in bulk is that you will have them on hand as you need them and you won’t have to go on a major shopping trip each time you decide to go camping or backpacking.

Whether you are building a survival supply or just supplying your camping and backpacking trips I suggest giving Wise Foods freeze dried meals a try. Check out their variety of meal options below. You can’t beat the variety, taste and convenience.

Listed below are Wise Food meal choices.

Breakfast Choices
Honey Glazed Granola
Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Multi-Grain Cereal

Lunch & Dinner Meal Choices
Cheesy Macaroni
Chicken ala King
Creamy Chicken Pasta
Creamy Potato Soup
Chicken Teriyaki
Cheesy Lasagna
Beef Teriyaki and Rice
Southwest Beans and Rice
Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

For more information about emergency survival food supply visit Emergency Food Suppliers.

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