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  • Canoeing the Clearfield Creek

    If you’re a paddler from the Clearfield or Cambria Counties in Central Pennsylvania you’ve probably paddled the Clearfield Creek, but what’s interesting is that many paddlers haven’t heard of the Clearfield Creek because it’s often referred to as the Madera … Continue reading →

  • Becky Mason does the Sculling Draw Stroke

    The sculling draw stroke is well known in the¬†kayaking community¬†but for some reason not as many canoeists practice the stroke, or even know it exists. But the sculling draw stroke is one of my favorite paddling strokes because it’s a … Continue reading →

  • Bannock Recipes – The Truth About Bannock

    Testing this content So you think bannock is a great campfire recipe, but have you ever actually tried bannock? If you go to Youtube you will find dozens of bannock video recipes. You can learn how to cook bannock on … Continue reading →