Bannock Camping Recipes

Are you looking for something different to cook at the campground, why not try bannock? I just found out about it myself and I will definitely give it a try on the campfire.

In case you don’t know bannock is a type of flat bread that is usually cooked in a frying pan and is very popular with campers because it’s simple and adaptable enough to be cooked over a campfire, on a hot rock, in foil, around a stick or in a mountain pie maker. And with recipes ranging from simple wilderness to kitchen gourmet, bannock can be improvised allowing you to get as creative as you want even around the campfire. 

FYI – bannock is often referred to as scones when cut into wedges.

Check out these easy bannock video recipes.


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  1. Randy says:

    Thanks for the bannock recipes, they are absolutely a must try. That is what campers prefer, they want real food which is easy to cook in the wilderness or when camping. I would also choose this had I known it earlier. 🙂 These video recipes are fine with me and I guess it will give me a full stomach all day long 🙂

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