Bear Pepper Spray for the Outdoor Enthusiast

bearsprayHere’s a very practical survival gift for the extreme wilderness hiker, camper or anyone who spends time in the outdoors. It’s the bear repellent spray. The reason to purchase this as a gift for your outdoor enthusiasts is obvious as there are plenty of dangers for wilderness enthusiasts and wildlife is one of the greatest threats.

This bear spray repellent is ideal for anyone who does outdoor activity in situations natural environments where wildlife could be a threat. This includes campers, hikers, fisherman, canoeists and even archery hunters. You can shop bear spray repellents at REI.

  • Counter Assault bear pepper spray is designed to drive away bears in the event of an attack and this larger size ensures you’ll have plenty for reserve.
  • Contains 2% Capsaicin and other Capsaicinoids, red pepper derivatives that affect the eyes and respiratory system, staving off attack.
  • Spray reaches 12 to 32 ft. and empties in approximately 9.2 sec.
  • Features a safety cap to help prevent accidental discharge.
  • Use with extreme caution—if not used properly, it can disable the user, rather than the attacker.
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