Camping Cookware and Cook Sets

The length of your trip, the number of people you have to feed, or the complication of the recipe will determine the camping cookware set you need. And because camping cookware comes in so many varieties you have the option of going expensive  or cheap.

A very basic cookware kit includes:

  • Single pot
  • A lid that doubles as a pan or plate
  • Cup
  • Spoon and knife
  • A detachable handle

Putting Together Your Camping Cook Set
Collecting your camping cookware and utensils piece by piece gives you the freedom to choose exactly what you want. You can use items from home, or go to the local discount store for value. But spending a little more on a cookware set has its advantages. Many cook sets are designed to pack efficiently by fitting inside each other so the entire set takes up only the space of the largest pot. And many cook sets are made of materials that weigh very little but are very durable and long lasting.

Camping Cookware Options:

Lightweight, affordable, a good conductor of heat. Good for simmering foods without scorching.

Stainless Steel
Tougher, more scratch-resistant than aluminum.

Super lightweight, extremely tough.

Non-stick Coatings
Very easy cleaning.

Lightweight, cheap, non-abrasive. Perfect for utensils and air-tight food containers.

Cookware Tips:

  • Smaller pots should fit snugly inside the larger pots for efficient packing.
  • One pot is usually fine for 1 or 2 people and a three-pot set should be enough for larger groups or complicated recipes.
  • Lids cut down on cooking time and save fuel. They can also be used as plates or even frying pans. You should have one lid for every pot in your set.
  • Make sure you have some way to pick up your pots and pans. Pot-grabbers are durable and easy to use but cheap pot holders work well for complicated recipes.
  • Utensils are easily lost so consider purchasing cheaper plastic utensils at the discount store.
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