Campsite Texas Chili

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately because we haven’t been doing much paddling during these cold days of winter. I guess this might be a good time to introduce some of my favorite camping recipes.

One of my favorite recipes is an authentic Texas Chili. What’s different about authentic Texas Chili is the preparation and the ingredients. In this video it’s prepared the way it was on the wagon trains in the early 1800s. This Texas Chili cooks over a campfire or grill, then hickory smoked for a while if you can. You also eliminate many of the usual beans, stewed tomatoes and other ingredients and you use a jalapeno pepper, brown sugar and barbeque sauce. And it gets served with corn chips instead of rice. This recipe can be prepared on an open or closed grill, a camping stove, oven a fire or in a dutch oven.

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