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paddlehappyAttention Central Pennsylvania flatwater paddlers, recreational paddlers, kayaker wannabees, sojourners, and anyone else looking for some good paddling. This outfitter is called Canoe Susquehanna, and they run a very popular guide service on the Susquehanna River, near Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. They’ve been around for a while and do have a good reputation, and if you go to their website and look at their staff profiles you’ll see they have years of paddling experience, are very involved in the paddling industry, and are very qualified to provide a kayak guide services.

Their services include Guided Kayak Trips, Big Canoe Trips, and Private Trips. I also know that they participate in the Schuylkill and North Branch of the Susquehanna Sojourns, and although I’ve not participated in these sojourns, I do know for fact the sojourns are very popular and come highly recommended.  

Kayak Trips
While on a Canoe Susquehanna guided kayak trip you’ll get the opportunity to paddle updated kayaking equipment, learn actual kayaking techniques, develop your confidence and just have fun. Canoe Susquehanna uses recreational kayaks for their greater initial stability, easy of use, and comfort. Guests will learn the basics of paddling a kayak in a brief instruction session which is held at the beginning of the trip, with additional instruction given throughout the trip. Their guided kayak trips often lead to a lifetime of kayaking enjoyment for those who participate.

Big Canoe Trips
Got a huge group that you’d like to bring together? On a Big Canoe Trip, you and your entire group can experience paddling without the worries of solo paddling because the Big Canoe Trip is one big group effort in one really big canoe. There’s no need to worry about keeping up with the group, maneuvering the boat, or being able to paddle for the whole trip. Each big canoe is controlled from the stern by a Canoe Susquehanna guide. The Big Canoe Trips are accessible to people of most ages and abilities, and no paddling experience is necessary. Each Big Canoe Trip begins with a brief instruction and safety meeting so you’ll know everything you need to know to be safe and have a great time on the river.

Private Trips
Whether you want to just spend time with your group or explore local waterways in kayaks, or paddle the big canoe, a Private Guided Trip will give your group the exclusive attention of our guides. Canoe Susquehanna  can accommodate groups as large as 20 in Big Canoes, 36 in Single-Person Kayaks, 48 in 4-Person Kayaks, or a grand total of 103 in a combination of big canoes and kayaks. They also have six tandem (2 person) canoes available for use on a Private Guided Trip.

 All Canoe Susquehanna Guided Trips Include:

  • On-land and on-water instruction by expert guides with many years of teaching paddling skills
  • Well maintained boats and paddles
  • Personal Flotation Devices and other safety equipment
  • Waterproof bags to protect spare clothing
  • A bus ride back to your vehicle
  • A snack and bottles of drinking water
  • Digital pictures of your adventure posted on our website
  • Personal attention before and during your adventure

And don’t forget about their sojourns and other boating activities throughout the summer. Check their website for more information.

Visit Canoe Susquehanna online at

Call them at 570-524-7692

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