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classiccampstovesI recently discovered a  Website called Classic Camping Stoves ( and it’s one of those outdoor Websites you just don’t stumple upon (found it on Delicious) everyday. This site has been around since October 2000 and serves as an online resource for collectors & users of vintage camp stoves such as Primus, Optimus, Radius and Svea. It’s interesting that while most of us tend to look for the latest and greatest in camping gear there are communities of collectors looking for age, utility and simplicity in camping gear. 

For me it was fun to spend some time looking around the website but if you’re into collecting antique camping gear you’ll probably appreciate the website as a true collectors resource…check out these vintage Coleman Stoves.

And for anyone looking for spare parts for that favorite old stove the links page has a nice listing of spare stove part suppliers and stove manufacturer websites. I know I have a few old stoves setting around collecting dust that only need a simple part replacement to be functional again.

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  1. Alan Blair says:

    I recently purchased an old 2 burner campstove at a flea market. It has a a name plate on it that says NO. 29, GOLDBERG BROS. DENVER, COLORADO. It is a liquid fuel stove about the size of a Coleman 2 burner. The tank is permanently fastened inside of the case. There is seperate pump to pressurize the tank. There are 2 valves on the tank: one feeds fuel to the burner and the other puts fuel into a preheater pan under the first burner. It is in workable condition. The only reference to it that I can find is an article in a 1915 copy of the Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers Journal which mentions the Golberg Bros. Sheet Metal Co. in Denver, CO, who made camp stoves. That company is still in business although they no longer make camp stoves.
    Can anyone tell me anything about this stove or direct me to someone who might.

    Alan Blair

  2. Alan Blair says:

    I have an old 2 burner liquid fuel stove with a nameplate that says GOLBERG BROS., Denver, Colorado, No. 29. It has two fuel valves: one for the burners and one to put fuel onto a preheater plate. It has a detached pressure pump. Can anyone tell me any thing about it.

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