Emergency Camping First Aid Kit for Canoers

If you’ve seen our camping first aid kit Webpage then you should have an idea how important it is to have a good first aid kit with you while canoeing or camping. If you haven’t been to the webpage I suggest you go there and watch the videos about camping first aid kits.

Creating your own first aid kit is a good idea if you have the knowledge and time. But this Marine 400 Kit is a good buy. One great feature is that it’s waterproof, so it’s great for paddling. Another thing is that it’s packed with plenty of first aid items for many scenarios. It would be expensive to assemble a kit like this on your own. This kit normally sales for $120.00 but it’s now on clearance for $59.95 at Sierra Trading Post.

Adventure Medical Kits Marine 400 Kit – Waterproof
Adventure Medical Kits’ Marine 400 waterproof kit makes it easy to find the first aid items you need. Packaged in waterproof, color-coded modules and organized according to injury, just like in the ER. Complete instructions help you confidently and competently administer first aid, regardless of medical background.

Kit includes:

  • “Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine” manual by Eric A. Weiss M.D.
  • Easy Care instructions for Medications, Bleeding, CPR, Wound Care, and Fractures and Sprains
  • 5 pkg. of Ibuprofen (200 mg) (2 per pkg),
  • 5 pkg. acetaminophen (500 mg) (2 per pkg),
  • 2 antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg)( 2 per pkg), 2 Aspirin (325 mg) (2 per pkg)
  • 8 pkg. Meclizine (HCI 25 mg) (2 per pkg)
  • 14 After Bite(R) sting and itch relief wipes
  • Eye wash (2/3 oz, or 20 mL)
  • Trauma pad (5×9″)
  • 5 pkg. sterile gauze dressings (4×4″, 2 per pkg),
  • 2 After Cuts and Scrapes(R) wipes
  • 2 pr. nitrile gloves Laerdal(R)
  • CPR Face Shield
  • Splinter picker/tick remover forceps
  • Bandage scissors with blunt tip
  • 20 cc irrigation syringe with 18 gauge tip
  • 1pkg. of 10 wound closure strips
  • 2 tinctures of Benzoin topical adhesive swabs
  • bottle povidone iodine
  • 6 pkg. triple antibiotic ointment
  • 4 non-adherent sterile dressings (3×4″)
  • 2 sterile eye pads
  • 2 conforming gauze bandages (2″)
  • Stockinette tubular bandage (1×4″) 1″x10 yd.
  • roll of tape
  • 2 fabric adhesive bandages (2×4″),
  • 20 fabric adhesive bandages (1×3″)
  • 10 fabric adhesive fingertip bandages
  • 10 fabric adhesive knuckle bandages
  • 2 pkg. cotton tip applicators (2 per pkg.)
  • 4″x7″ moleskin
  • Two 6 mL. aloe vera gel with lidocaine
  • SAM(R) Splint (4×36″)
  • 2 cold packs
  • Elastic bandage with touch-fasten closure (3″)
  • Triangular bandage
  • 3 safety pins
  • pencil
  • Water-resistant nylon storage bag

This kit gets a rating of 4 lanterns lanternrating-4

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