Foil Cooking – Banana in Foil

Banana in Foil

chocolate morsels

You will need bananas, chocolate morsels, M&M’s®, walnuts, or any combination of these you desire.
Hold the banana in your hand with the curve pointing down. Peel back one piece of the banana peel. Cut out and remove small portions of the banana-eat pieces removed-Yum.
Place morsels, M&M’s®, nuts etc. in the sections, place peel back over the banana and wrap with aluminum foil.
Place next to the fire-and rotate occasionally, so all sides feel the direct heat. Do this for about 10 minutes. Check banana, should be softened and melted. Scoop out banana and other ingredients with a spoon and enjoy-be careful it’s HOT when first removed from the fire!. Time can be increased and decreased depending on the temperature of the fire.


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