Solo Tripping – A website resource for solo wilderness trippers

Solotripper.comHere’s a great canoeing resource for solo trippers, appropriately called Solo Tripping.

Solo canoers are different from most other trippers in that they handle the situation alone. They travel at their own pace, dealing with the weather, portaging and any emergency situations that may arise on their own. I can tell you from experience that wilderness canoeing is a major challenge and a successful wilderness canoe trip takes a bit of skill and confidence. But solo tripping takes it to an entirely different level. Treading alone on unfamiliar ground deep in remote locations takes confidence and skill that even many group experienced wilderness canoers are not ready to venture.

Visit Solo Tripping and browse through the trip reports and read the experiences of others. Join the forums and learn from an amazing community of paddlers who love to explore the wilderness on their own! It’s a paddling Website worth visiting.

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