Packing Food For an Eight Day Canoe Trip

Packing food for a short canoe trip is so easy that we often overdo it and end up taking along enough food for a three or four day canoe trip. But packing enough food to last a week or longer is a different story. On shorter trips paddlers will often pack in their own cooking but when you are packing food for a canoe trip of five days or more, packing in your own cooking ins’t always a viable option because of the additional weight and the risk of food spoilage.

What type of canoe trip you are taking?

If you are paddling downriver with no portaging you have more freedom to pack some of your own cooking or your favorite foods and snacks, but if your trip requires a lot of portaging then you need to pack as light as possible or you will likely have some serious regret on the portage trail.

There is also the consideration of packing high energy foods that will fuel your body during long days in the canoe or on the portage trail.

How do you pack food for an eight day canoe trip? Here’s a video with some suggestions.

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