Breakfast – Simple Breakfast Burritos for Campers

Simple Breakfast Burritos for Campers

3-4 eggs
Bottle of Ranch Dressing
Package of thinly sliced smoked ham
1 jar of mild or medium salsa
1 package of Kraft shredded cheese
1 Package of Flour Tortillas

Beat eggs and 2 squirts (2TBL Spoons) of dressing with fork until well blended (like scrambled eggs). Add several slices of cubed ham and 1/4 jar of salsa and 1/4 conatiner of the cheese into mix.

Cook for several minutes on low heat over a camping stove in a nonstick skillet sprayed lightly with cooking spray.

Spoon desired amount of mixture onto tortillas and roll up. Top with the remaining cheese and salsa.

This breakfast burrito recipe is a great way to prepare an easy but very tasty and satisfying campers breakfast. They also make a great supper.

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